The world Of Trex

HERE DID T. REX LIVE? Anywhere it wanted to, as the thousand-pound-gorilla joke goes. I'm not being a wise guy.

Whether T. rex was a scavenger or a predator (see Chapter9), I can't imagine what kind of habitat it might have liked best, though most modern animals have a preference for one type of environment. It wouldn't have mattered what kind of plants it was around. It just needed to be around some meat. And I don't think it cared whether the meat was from the lowlands or the uplands.

Just what the weather was and what the environment looked like 65 million years ago isn't certain. The best evidence we have for answering those questions comes from fossilized pollen, leaves, and trees. Tree rings can show seasonal growth and cold or dry winters. The sizes and shapes of fossil leaves tell about temperature and humidity. If leaves were large and green year-round with pointy drip-tips, then the climate was warm and wet. If they were small and rounded, the weather was drier or colder. Deciduous tree leaves indicate more seasonal temperature, moisture, or light.

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