and Bamum Brown in 1923. Relatively small compared with Gorgosaurus libratus, it might be a different genus of tyrannosaur entirely.

Nanotyrannus lancensis was named by Bob Bakker, Mike Williams, and Phil Currie in 1988 from a Cleveland Museum skull originally identified as Gorgosauruslancensisby Charles Gilmorein 1946. This "pygmy" tyrannosaur had a long snout and grew to "only" fifteen feet long.

Tarbosaurus bataar was named by Evgeny Maleev of the USSR in 1955 from a find in Mongolia. It grew up to thirty-three feet long and resembled T. rex closely.

Tyrannosaurus rex was named by Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1905 from Bamum Brown's discoveries in Montana. Bob Bakker thinks T. rex might be two species.

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