For Adults

Digging Dinosaurs by John R. Horner and James Gorman (Workman Publishers). How one paleontologist discovers and interprets dinosaurs.

TheDinosauria, edited by David B. Weishampel, Peter

Dodson, and Halska Osmolska (University of California Press). This is an enormous technical book but a very valuable reference.

Dinosaurs Rediscovered, by Don

Lessem (Simon & Schuster). An overview of current dinosaur research worldwide, arranged in an illustrated chronology of dinosaur time.

The Riddle of the Dinosaurs, by John Noble Wilford (Knopf). An excellent history of dinosaur science by a distinguished New York Times science writer.

For a complete list of recommended science books, more than sixty in all (out of the hundreds written), chosen by a committee of paleontologists, send $2.50 to the Dinosaur Society, P.O. Box 2098, New Bedford, MA 02741.

If you'd like to come out to Montana and dig dinosaurs with us, the Museum of the Rockies has programs for adults, families, and for kids only at Egg Mountain in Choteau, Montana. Call 406-994-2251 for information, or write the Museum at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717-0040.

For other dinosaur tours and dig programs around the world, write the Dinosaur Society or call 617-999-1168.

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