Wherever possible I've relied on what other scientists tell me when it comes to describing other people's research. I grew up with undiagnosed dyslexia, and reading is not easy for me. Besides, scientific papers are pretty tough going, even for scientists. But I've included some papers that I've read among the publications I've consulted to help me with this book, just in case you're interested in looking through them. It is worth reading at least one scientific paper to see how a scientist organizes and interprets information.

Abler, William L. "The Serrated Teeth of Tyrannosaurid Dinosaurs, and Biting Structures in Other Animals." Paleobiology, Volume 18, #2, 1992.

Alexander, R. McNeill. Dynamics of Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Giants. New York: Columbia University Press, 1989.

-. "How Dinosaurs Ran." Scientific American,

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