*Zhis book was made possible by the work of a host of others who have researched Tyrannosaurus rex and its world and informed our studies at the Museum of the Rockies. Bill Abler, Ken Carpenter, Bill Clemens, Phil Currie, Jim Farlow, Don Glut, Leo Hickey, Kirk Johnson, Ralph Molnar, Mark Norell, and Scott Wing kindly reviewed the manuscript in part or whole in its roughest form, and Bob Bakker, Harley Garbani,and Peter Larson provided valuable comments along the way.

Equally deserving of thanks are the members of the Museum of the Rockies staff, Pat Leiggi, Carrie Ancell, Bob Harmon, and the rest of the field crew, preparators, and graduate students—a uniquely skilled group.

Special thanks go also to designers Deb Perugi and Adam Kelley and the many talented artists who have supplied work for this book, including Kris Elingsen, Brian Franczak, Doug Henderson, Kit Mathers, Pat Ortega, Greg Paul, and Matt Smith; Photographer Bruce Selyam; filmmaker Mark Davis; NOVA producer Paula Apsell; publishing guru Bernice Colt; copyeditor Mary Anne Stewart, indexer Miriam Witlin, proofreader Sydney Fishman, and know-it-all George Olshevsky.

Thanks, too, to editor Bob Bender and his able assistant, Johanna Li. And last, but not least, we thank our families for their patience with us when we're messing around with dinosaurs instead of them. We're glad we can do both.

to the Wankel family

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