DIACALYMENE Kegel, 1927. Diacalymene Destombes, L. Ordovician, Ktaoua Formation, Tazoulait, Morocco (x3.6). (RLS coll.)

FLEXICALYMENE Shirley, 1936. Flexicalymene meeki (Foerste) (x4.8). Waynesville Formation, Fort Ancient Member, U. Ordovician, Westwood, Cincinnati, Ohio. (RLS coll., now at FMNH.) Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. The entite exoskeleton is pteserved here, replaced by calcite.

Flexicalymene meeki (Foerste) (x5) as in plate 161. Enrolled specimen collected at Waynesville, Ohio (RLS coll., id., now at FMNH.) An enlarged profile view of the same specimen is shown in plate 51 as an example of "uncoiled spiral enrollment." Note papillate or granular surface of carapace, emphasized by magnesium oxide coating.

4.3 Silurian Families


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