Odovician Trilobites Llandindrod Wells Area

CNEMIDOPYGE Whittard, 1955. Cnemidopyge bisecta

(Murchison), L. Ordovician, Dydimograptus bifidus zone, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales (x6.6). Mis sing from this example is a long median glabellar spine directed forward, departing from the anterior border. (RLS coll., gift by Robert J. Kennedy.)

AMPYXINA Ulrich, 1922. Ampyxina bellatula (Savage) (xl. 8). Maquoketa Formation, U. Ordovician, near Elsberry, Missouri, (RLS coll., id., now at FMNH.)

Family Pliomeridae Raymond, 1913 PLATE 147

Subfamily Phomermae Raymond, 1913

PLIOMERA Angelin, 1852. Pliomera fischeri Eichwald, M. Ordovician, Lanna, Narke, Sweden (x0.9). (SMNH No. Ar 55080, photographed by the author at SMNH through courtesy of Jan Bergstrom.)

Prehistoric Life

Family IUaenidae Hawle and Corda, 1847

Subfamily Ectillaeninae Janusson, 1959

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