Gilwern Trilobite

OGYGIOCARIS Angelin, 1854. Ogygiocaris sarsi Angelin (x3.0). Ordovician, Toten, Norway. (Original at Palaeontologisk Museum, University of Oslo.) Cast, whitened with magnesium oxide.

OGYGINUS Raymond, 1912. Ogyginus corndensis (Murchison), L. Ordovician, Gilwern Hill, Builth-Wells, Powys, Wales (xl. 8). This large trilobite is beautifully preserved in a heavily bedded shale. (RLS coll., id.)

Trilobite Trace FossilsTrilobite Doublure

Ogyginns intermedins

(Elles), L. Ordo vician, Bach-y-graig, Llandrindod-Wells, Powys, Wales (x4.8). The hyp o stoma is visible, attached to the anterior border and doublure. (Gift by Robert J. Kennedy, RLS coll.)

OGYGIOCARELLA Harrington and Leanza, 1957. Ogygiocarella debuchii (Brongniart), M. Ordovician, quarry near Pencerrig Lake, Llanelwedd, Powys, Wales (x2.3). Collected during a field trip guided by Robert J. Kennedy. External impression, whitened with magnesium oxide. (RLS coll.)

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Dikelokephalinidae Kobayashi, 1936

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