SOLENOPLEUROPSIS Thoral, 1947. Solenopleuropsis variolaris (Salter), M. Cambrian, Paradoxides davidis beds, east side of Manuels River, Manuels, Newfoundland (x6.6) (RLS coll., id.). The prominent tuberculation of the convex surfaces of this trilobite is seen as a perforation pattern in this external impression. The pygidium is missing. Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide.

BADULESIA Sdzuy, 1967. Badulesia tenera (Hartt), M. Cambrian, Upper Pa radoxides bennetti beds, Ke llygrew s, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. (x7.6). This trilobite is characteristic of the Middle Cambrian of the Asturias, Spain. Its appearance in the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland is sttiking and in accord with the continental drift map of figure 18, which places the Avalon and Spain on an almost contiguous shoreline east of Maritime North America. Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. (RLS coll., id.)

Family Olenidae Burmeister, 1843

Subfamily Olenmae Burmeister, 1843

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