ENCRINURUS Emmrich, 1844. Encrinurus egani Miller (x5.8). Plesiotype. Niagaran group, Silurian, Lemonr, Illinois. (Van Home coll. of UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. The eyes, which would appear on short peduncles, are missing.

Encrinurus egani Miller (x4.6), as in plate 172. GameS coll. of UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) Side view of complete individual showing the erect thoracic axial spine. Facial structure clearly visible.

Encrinurus indianensis Kindle and Breger (x6.0). Niagaran group, Silurian, Burlington, Wisconsin. (UCWM coll.; loaned by FMNH.) External impression (negative mold) encrusted with dolomite crystals. The cephalon is considerably more tuberculate than in Encrinurus egani.

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