TRETASPIS M'Coy, 1849. Tretaspis seticornis (Hisinger), U. Ordovician, Dalarna, Sweden (x5.8). Type specimen described by L. Stcrmer (1930), plate VIII, fig. 5 (SMNH No. 2290). The calcified exoskeleton is white, in stark contrast with the dark matrix. (Photographed by the author at SMNH, through courtesy of Jan Bergstrom.)

Subfamily Cryptolithinae Angelin, 1854 PLATE 14 3

CRYPTOLITHUS Green, 1832. Cryptolithus tesselatus Green (x2.5). Pulaski Shale, M. Ordovician, Lorain, Jefferson County, New York. (J. Hall coll., UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide.

ONNIA Bancroft, 1933. Onnia superba Bancroft, Ordovician, Bordj, Morocco (x3.3). Print from color slide. (Photographed by the author, through courtesy of David C. Rilling, RLS id.)

Redlichia Rex


Raphiophoridae Angelin, 1854

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