ODONTOPLEURA Emmrich, 1839. Odontopleura ovata Emmrich (x9). Liten Formation, M. Silurian (Wenlock), Lode nice, Bohemia. (RLS coll., id.; couttesy of MCZ; now at FMNH.) The trilobites in this sequence from Bohemia are very striking for their delicate and extravagant morphology. The long arching spines are indeed pleural or genal or pygidial spines, an integtal part of the exoskeleton, and do not represent appendages ot walking legs. Two cephala of Aulacopleura koninckii koninckii (Barrande) are visible in the upper right side of the photogtaph.

Odontopkura ovata Emmrich (x4.5). Same origin as for plate 181. (Loaned by MCZ; RLS id.) In spite of the convex appearance, this is actually the extetnal (concave) imptession of the trilobite in the shale. Part of the exoskeleton remained attached to the mold.

Subfamily Miraspidinae Richter and Richter, 1917

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