CHEIRURUS Beirisch, 1845. Cheirurus hydei (Weller) (x5.7). Holorype. Niagaran Limestone, Silurian, Lemont, Illinois. (Collected by L. H. Hyde. UCWM coll.; loaned by FMNH.)

Cheirurus bydei (Wellcr). Negative mold confronting two specimens of Calymene celebra Raymond (x2.7). Niagatan Formation, Silurian, Grafton, Illinois. (RLS coll., id.; now at FMNH.) Although an external impression, this example of Cheirurus hydei exhibits bettet details than the holotype, in patticulat the genal and pygidial spines and the ptopatian sutute.


Sphaerexochinae Opik, 1937

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