Dalmanites (xl.3), same origin as preceding plate. This is an exceptional association of petfectly pteserved, complete individuals. (Photographed by the author, through courtesy of David C. Rilling.)

Dalmanites verrucosus Hall (x l. 9), Waldron Shale, Silurian, Waldron, Indiana. Complete specimens of this trilobite are a rare find at this locality.

This individual was collected from a silty, waterlogged, unconsolidated layer separating thick slabs of hard shale. (RLS coll., id.)

Dalmanites platycaudatus W e 11 e r (x3.5). Cotype. Niagaran Limestone, Silurian, Lemont, Illinois. (Collected by L. H. Hyde, UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) Pygidium.

Dalmanites illinoiensis Weller (x2.3). Corype. Niagaran Limestone, Silurian, Bonfield, Illinois. (Gurley coll. of UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) Pygidium.

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