Ityophorus Undulatus

PHILLIPSINELLA Novak, 1886. Phillipsinella parabola (Barrande), U. Ordovician, Lady Burn at Threave Glen, near Girvan, Ayrshire (x9). Partially enrolled specimen, whitened with magnesium oxide. (Gift of R. J. Kennedy, RLS coll.)

Black And White Dinosaurs

Family Ityophoridae Warburg, 1925

PlATE 159

ITYOPHORUS Warburg, 1925. Ityophorus undulatus Warburg, U. Ordovician, Kullsberg Limestone, Lake Siljan, Dalarna, Sweden (x5.4). This diminutive trilobite has pronounced affinity with characters that distinguish the family Harpidae. (SMNH No. 55078, photographed by the author at SMNH, through courtesy of Jan Bergstrom.)

Ityophorus Undulatus

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