SPHAEREXOCHUS Beyrich, 1845. Sphaerexochus romingeri Hall (x2). Niagaran group, Silurian, Racine, Wisconsin. (Van Home coll. of UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) Several cranidia, in different orientation, of this peculiar trilobite. Only the lowermost is a complete cephalon, showing cephalic suture and eye lobe.

Family Lichidae Hawle and Corda, 1847

Subfamily Lichinae Hawle and Corda, 1847

ARCTINURUS Castelnau, 1843. Arctinurus occidentalis Hall (x 3). Waldron Shale, Silurian, Waldron, Indiana. (Washburn coll. of UCWM; loaned by FMNH.) A complete pygidium.

Arctinurus occidentalis Hall (xl.3). Rochester Shale, Silurian, Lockport, New York. (UCWM coll.; loaned by FMNH.) Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. Part of the glabella missing. (See also plate 45.)

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