THYSANOPELTIS Hawle and Corda, 1847. Thysanopeltis speciosa Hawle and Corda, Hamar Laghdad Formation, Devonian, Hamar Laghdad, Morocco (x3.3). Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. (RLS coll., id.)

SCUTELLUM Pusch, 1833. This trilobite from Morocco bears resemblence with Scutellum pustulatum

(Barrande). L. Devonian, Hamar Laghdad Formation. Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide (x6.8). (RLS id., photographed by the authot, through courtesy of David C. Rilling.)

SCABRISCUTELLUM (CAVETIA) Pillet, 1972. Scabriscutellum (Cavetia) furciferum hamlagdadianum Alberti, L. Devonian, Hamar Laghdad, Morocco (x6.3). Due to the arched posture of this trilobite, both the cranidium and the pygidium appear foreshortened (about 75 percent of actual length). Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. (RLS coll., id.)

Scutellum Dormitzeri

SCUTELLUM (PARALEJURUS) Hawle and Corda, 1847. Scutellum (Paralejurus) dormitzeri (Barrande), Hamar Laghdad Formation, L. Devonian, Tafilalt, Morocco (x4.3). To be noted is the delicate sculpturing with terrace lines of the entite surface of the carapace. Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. (Photogtaphed by the authot, through couttesy of David C. Rilling.)

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