PSYCHOPYGE Termier and Termier, 1950. Two views o f Psychopyge elegans Termier and Termier, Hamar Laghdad Formation, L. Devonian, Alnif, Morocco (xl.4). In recent years, our knowledge of the morphology of poorly known trilobites, many from Morocco, has been enriched by the painstaking preparation efforts of a few devoted specialists. This has been the case for this beautiful trilobite. A formal description of a complete Psychopyge is still not available from the literature. The anterior dagger-shaped cranidial process is 1.5 times the length of the glabella on axis, broadens posteriorly to match the maximal glabellar width, and seems articulated. The anterior margin is strongly contracted at the base of the anterior process. The genal spines are robust, long and diverging. The thorax has twelve segments, with pleurae terminating in long spines. The pygidium has seventeen axial rings and a terminus that fades into a short pygidial spine. There are five pairs of pygidial ribs, terminating in long spines, separated by broad furrows. Narrow interpleural furrows separate ribs from contiguous furrows. Note the minute spines on the axis and margins of the pleural fields. (RLS id., photographed by the authot through couttesy of Robert Carroll, who prepared the specimen.)

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