Bollandia Globiceps

GRIFFITHIDES Portlock, 1843. G riffith ides bufo (Meek and Worthen), Mississippian, Crawfordsville, Indiana (x4.6) (Loaned by FMNH.) Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide.

BOLLANDIA Reed, 1942. Bollandia globiceps (Phillips), Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian), Tournai, Belgium (x8.7). Specimen whitened with magnesium oxide. (RLS coll., id.).

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4.6 Pennsylvania!! Families

OTARIONIDAE Richter and Richter, 1926

Otarioninae Richter and Richter, 1926 <—Penn. BRACHYMETOPIDAE

Prantl and Pfibyl, 1950 <-Penn.

PHIILLIPSIIDAE Oehlert, 1886 <-Penn.->

4 . 7 Permian Families

PHIILLIPSIIDAE Oehlert, 1886 <-L.Perm.-M.Perm.

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