Family Proetidae Salter

Subfamily Cornuproetinae Richter and Richter, 1956

CORNUPROETUS Richter and Richter, 1919. Cornuproetus sculptus (Barrande) (x22). Devonian, Bohemia. (Negative loaned by E. N. K. Clarkson, Grant Institute of Geology, Edinburgh,

Scotland.) Note the fasciculated surface origin of the trivial name of this trilobite. The well-developed eyes are considered of the holochroal type.

4.5 Mississippian Families

OTARIONIDAE Richter and Richter, 1926

Otarioninae Richter and Richter, 1926

PROETIDAE Salter, 1864

Cyrtosymbolinae Hupe, 1953 BRACHYMETOPIDAE

Prantl and Pribyl, 1950


Miss. (Phillipsia, Griffithides, Bollandia) —>

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