Not many dinosaurs begin with the letter Z, so Zephyrosaurus is something of a collector's item. Keep your eyes peeled for this one if you're spotting in the United States.

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Ridged teeth

Since Zephyrosaurus is a small and agile dinosaur it is really skilled at zipping around. When you have no armour plating or defensive weaponry, speed is a useful way of evading predators. Zephyrosaurus also has the characteristic ridged cheek teeth, which help it to chew and digest the plants that it eats


No good at perching

Zephyrosaurus is a member of the hypsilophodontidae family and, in common with its relatives, it has long fingers and toes that made some believe these dinosaurs might have lived in trees or were very good at climbing rocks. But we now know that the toes are not jointed in a way that allows dinosaurs like Zephyrosaurus to perch on branches.


Dinosaurs are sometimes discovered and named, only for palaeontologists to later realize that this type of dinosaur has already been discovered - and called something else. Here are just some of the most famous cases of mistaken identity.

Dinosaurs Pictures


Brontosaurus used to be one of the most famous dinosaurs around - even this author remembers reading about it as a child, and I'm not that old (not compared to dinosaurs, anyway). However, poor old Brontosaurus turned out to be the same creature as an Apatosaurus, and the name was consigned to history. See page 30 for more details.




When a pair of giant back and shoulder bones were discovered during the 1980s in the USA, the remains were believed to come from a new dinosaur called Ultrasaurus. To confuse matters, dinosaur remains discovered in Asia at about the same time were also called Ultrasaurus, although it was obviously a different dinosaur. The American dinosaur was given the name


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