One of the most famous dinosaurs you'll ever see, this big bruiser of a plant-eater is one of the most common Cretaceous dinosaurs.


Triceratops is famous for the three sharp horns on its head, which give it its name. Partly for display but mainly for defence, these three prongs are equally effective in scaring off carnivores (and male love rivals) as they are attracting females. The formidable horns, particularly the pair of metre-long upper horns, are more than sharp enough to kill anything in their way - which is why all but the biggest or smartest carnivores are tempted to give Triceratops a wide berth.

Triceratops Timeline

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H^tosayitt^SE^top; Meaning of name Three no

Family Ceratopidae

Period Late Cretaceous

Where found USA Height 3 metres (10 Length 9 metres (30 feet Weight 5,400 kilograms (6 tons)

Food Plants

Special features Horns and fr.U

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