If Trachodon is not quite an obsolete name, it is certainly of a dubious nature. When dinosaur hunter Joseph Leidy found a couple of teeth in the 1850s, he thought they were from a completely new species of dinosaur - one that he named Trachodon, which means 'rough tooth'.


However, in time, there were mutterings that all might not be well with Trachodon. The discovery of Hadrosaurus was enough to convince some people that the two species were in fact one and the same. Other discoveries attributed to the species were not only numerous but also turned out to be entirely different types of dinosaurs. Even the two teeth first discovered are not cast-iron proof, as they don't even come from identical species let alone the same creature's mouth.

Since one of the teeth may yet belong to a new dinosaur, the name Trachodon has been kept on ice, in case any more evidence backs up the claim that such a dinosaur existed.


Dinosaurs Ice Age Timeline

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