Toothy terror

Yangchuanosaurus is a member of the allosaurid family. It is slightly smaller than Allosaurus, but has more teeth. Like most classic large predators, Yangchuanosaurus has two strong legs, smaller arms and a large head. It is big enough to prey on most of the plant-eaters of the period -and other meat-eaters for that matter - including some sauropods.

fact fife

Pe"od Late Jurassic Where found china

He/ght 4.6 metres (15 feet)

^ngth 10 metres (33 feet Weight 3,100 kilograms fa 5 + , Food Meat ( 5 tons)

Special features Numerous teeth

Another show-off

No one has spotted one yet, but some palaeontologists think that Yangchuanosaurus might have a head crest - maybe only the males. This crest could be used in courtship displays, much like a peacock's tail, or to intimidate male rivals.

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