Tiny tyrannosaur

Palaeontologists have only had the chance to study two Compsognathus skeletons, so our knowledge has plenty of gaps. For instance, we don't even know how many fingers it has! Evidence

Tyrannosaurus rex. However, some palaeontologists argue that it is far more likely to have three and that the remains of the third fingers have been separated suggests that it only has two, much like a from the rest of its body.

How to say it KOMP-sog-NATH-us

Meaning of name Pretty .aw Family Compsognathidae

Period Late C«*aceous i, where found France, Germany

Heiaht 0.7 metre (2.3 feet)

Weight 3 kilograms (6.6 pound cnnH Meat




One school of thought suggests that Compsognathus might be covered in feathers. It is certainly quite birdlike in its build, and at one point palaeontologists wondered if it was an ancestor of Archaeopteryx. Unfortunately, we can't be sure at the moment - we need more sightings.



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