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If group living is the norm, then these dinosaurs' crests become all the more important. Palaeontologists believe that they may be used to generate noise; however, the shape is equally important. Each species has a different-shaped crest, which is a great visual pointer for where the rest of a particular dinosaur herd happens to be - very handy if you're on the move most of the time.

Cretaceous Canada

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Mow to say it LAM-be-oh-soRc Meaning of name Lambed lizard^ Family Hadrosauridae Penod Late Cretaceous Where found Canada, USA "e'Sht 6 metres Go feet Ā£ngth 12 metres (40 feet)

Special features Head crest


With its beaky mouth and large eyes, Leaellynasaura looks like many plant-eating dinosaurs. What makes this dinosaur slightly unusual is that it comes from Australia.

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Penod Early Cretaceous Where found Australia Height 0.3 metre (1 foot) Length 1 metre (3 3 feet W^t Not known Food Plants

Special features ^

darker climates to co'der.






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