This dinosaur might look a bit odd, but you wouldn't want to say that to its face - this late Cretaceous predator is even longer than Giganotosaurus.


The most striking feature of Spinosaurus is the huge sail on its back. This isn't for any kind of defensive purpose - a meat eater like this has little to fear - instead, it is used to regulate the dinosaur's temperature. Blood is pumped around the sail, where it is either heated in the sun or cooled in the shade; this, in turn, controls the temperature of Spinosaurus. Although sails are a relatively rare feature, they can be found on other dinosaurs and on reptiles, such as Dimetrodon, which were around even earlier than the dinosaurs.

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Something fishy

The best place to spot Spinosaurus is along the water's edge since, like Baryonyx, Spinosaurus is a fish-eating dinosaur. The advantages of eating fish are obvious: because there are few dinosaurs with a taste for fish, Spinosaurus has therefore always had a big supply to hand. Of course, when it fancies a change, Spinosaurus will snap up anything else that comes within reach.

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