Small brain

Famously, the stegosaurids are a bit dim and Kentrosaurus is no exception. But although it can't help you do a crossword puzzle, its small brain is actually quite well developed for processing smells, so Kentrosaurus has one good sense at least.


fdrt file-

KENT-ro k plates and spikes

How to say it KENT-row-SORE-us

Meaning of name Spiky l-zard

Family Stegosaundae Period Late Jurassic

Where found Tanzania

Height 2 metres (6. eet

Length 5 metres 06^6Jee )

Weight 450 kilograms pw P

^J'SU Cognation of body plates and spikes

Mismatched legs

The back legs of the Kentrosaurus are much longer than the front legs. This sounds odd, but it naturally points the head slightly downwards, which can be a great advantage for some plant eaters. Kentrosaurus is a ground feeder, browsing through low-lying vegetation, so a naturally downward-looking posture saves it having to bend down too far to eat.


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