Reliable Prehistoric Life Sites

The following is just a selection of famous dinosaur sites from around the globe:

0 Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, USA

0 Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

0 Isle of Wight, UK

Jurassic Coast, Devon, UK

Stegoceras skeleton

Stegoceras skeleton

0 Hell Creek, Montana, USA

0 Liaoning, China

0 Gadafawa, Niger, Africa

0 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

0 Cretaceous Valley, Patagonia, Argentina

^ Winton, Queensland, Australia

Dino Hunting

Looking for fossils can be long, hard and frustrating work. Many people find nothing, not even a two-a-penny sea creature, much less a dinosaur. Even the professionals return empty-handed some of the time. The idea, however, that they might find something special is what keeps the enthusiasts going and, occasionally, someone strikes lucky.

The tools you need depend on where you're looking. If you're fossil hunting somewhere like the Jurassic Coast on the Devon coastline in England, you might not need any equipment. There, fossils can literally fall out of the cliffs as they become exposed by the elements. All you need is a keen sense of sight and a stroke of luck.


The most basic tools for fossil hunting are a small pick hammer, some protective goggles and a container to keep your finds in, so that they won't get bashed about.


Here are a few basic guidelines to follow:

O Please be careful! Often fossils turn up in pretty dangerous places, such as in quarries or on cliff edges. If you're out hunting by the sea, keep an eye on the tide - helicopter rescues are an expensive business, so don't waste their money by taking silly risks. If possible, work in pairs.

Also, make sure that people at home or back at base camp know where you are, and be sure to inform them of any change of plan or situation.

© If you're going to look for fossils on private property, get permission first. Some places, such as quarries, are just too dangerous - even for the professionals.


© If you find anything big, tell a museum. You never know, you may have found something really important! If you have, it's vital that trained palaeontologists get to the site. They will ensure that nothing is lost or damaged, and they need to document the site in minute detail to help piece the dinosaur together again. If you really have found something new, they may even name it after you!

60 Further Information

A selection of great museums from around the world:

• Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Utah, USA

• Dinosaur Farm Museum, Isle of Wight, UK

• Museum of Natural History, Berlin, Germany

• National Dinosaur Museum, Canberra, Australia

• National Museum of Natural History, Washington, USA

• Natural History Museum, London, UK

• Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

• The Field Museum, Chicago, USA

• Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis, USA

Useful web sites:

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