Relative of birds

The shape of Caudipteryx is definitely that of a small therapod dinosaur, so it is distinctly different from birds. However, many features are the same. Obviously, there are the feathers, but both animals also have a wishbone - the bones are light because they are filled with air -and the feet have three forward-facing toes. Similarities like this are enough to convince most palaeontologists that birds and dinosaurs are directly related - and that Caudipteryx is part of that evolutionary chain.

fact fife

How to say it caw-D,P-ter-iks

Meaning of name Tai, feather Fam/iy Not known

Period Early cretaceous

Where found China Height 0.75 metre (2.4 feet) ^ngth 1 metre (3 3 feet) Weight 7 kilograms (is a


Special features Feathers



Warm- or cold-blooded?

The discovery of feathered dinosaurs opened up a hotly disputed topic -were dinosaurs warm- or coldblooded? Today's reptiles are cold-blooded, which means that they cannot produce their own body heat. Instead, they rely on the temperature of their surroundings to feel warm or cold. But if dinosaurs can't fly, what are the feathers for? Probably insulation, which suggests that dinosaurs are warm-blooded like today's birds. The debate continues...

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