Mystery dinosaur

One of the rarest dinosaurs ever discovered, Xiaosaurus is something of a mystery. We know so little about it that palaeontologists can't even say which family it's from. We do know, however, that Xiaosaurus is a small, two-legged, or bipedal, dinosaur. We also know it's a plant-eater and from what we have seen, palaeontologists believe it might live in family groups.

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Meaning of name ^

Family Not known Period Mid Jurassic Where found China Height 0.5 metre 0-7 feet)

Length 1 metre (33 eet)

Weight 7 kilograms (15.4 p

Food Plants fjne

Special features Too rare to



The biggest problem for the dinosaur spotter is that Xiaosaurus is very hard to find. It lives in the Jurassic forest, where the dinosaur's small size and alert nature allow it to disappear into the shadows whenever it feels threatened. In time, we might know more about this agile little herbivore but, right now, gaps remain in our knowledge.


With so many plant-eaters being spotted in China, it will come as no surprise that there are some ferocious meat-eaters around too, looking for lunch. And Yangchuanosaurus is just such a dinosaur.

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