Long neck and tail

The most obvious feature of Diplodocus is its extremely long neck and tail. Its neck is about 8 metres (26 feet) long, but at the end of it is a tiny head measuring less than

1 metre (3.3 feet). The tail is just as impressive as the neck and makes an effective whip-like weapon for repelling predators.

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How to say it d'-PLO-do-KUS Meaning of name Double beam Family Diplodocidae Period Late Jurassic Where found USA

Height 5 metres 06 eet

Weight 11,000 kilograms u

Special features Long neck

Ground feeder

Not all long-necked dinosaurs eat leaves from the treetops, and Diplodocus is a good example of this. Its front legs are shorter than its hind legs, so its neck naturally points down rather than up. The neck's extreme length allows Diplodocus to graze over a large area of ground without having to move.

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