Light bones

Coelophysis is slight of build, and, like many dinosaurs of this size and shape, it is fast - handy for both catching prey and avoiding becoming lunch for a bigger predator. The hollow bone structure of Coelophysis, which makes its bones very light, helps this dinosaur move even faster.

A bit ofeverything

Like most carnivores, Coelophysis probably isn't that fussy about what it eats. Its usual diet is smaller dinosaurs and mammals, fish, carrion (dead animals) and even young Coelophysis. We know that Coelophysis has these cannibalistic tendencies because a dead adult was once discovered with a baby Coelophysis in its stomach!

fact file


Family Not known

Period LateTriassic

Where found USA

Heiqht 1.3 metres (4.3 feet)


Food Meat

Special features Light bones




For many years, Compsognathus was the smallest dinosaur ever discovered. Not much taller than a large chicken, this little predator spends its time chasing after lizards and other small prey.

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