Hunter or scavenger

One of the great debates in the dinosaur world is whether Tyrannosaurus rex is the ferocious predator we always imagined it to be or a sneaky scavenger looking for dead animals to eat. People who believe it is a scavenger point out that tyrannosaurs probably aren't fast enough to catch most dinosaurs. The idea that Tyrannosaurus is a hunter comes from its strong skull bones and sturdy build - exactly what the dinosaur needs to attack other animals.

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RAN-O-SORE-US ame Cntl-ardking

Meaning of name iy<

Family Tyrannosaur period Late Cretaceous

PWhere found North —

Heiaht 4 metres (13.2 teex; Length 14 metres (46

Weight 7,000 kilograms (7.7 tons)

Food Meat th ancj

Special features Large, sharp powerful jaws







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