Like many plant eaters, Hadrosaurus lives much easier to spot any danger lurking in herds. Group living is a simple defence close by if many animals are on the against attack from predators, and it's lookout rather than just one.

HOW to say it HA-drow-SO^s

Meaning of name Heavy l.zar*

Family Hadrosauridae Period Late Cretaceous Where found USA

Heiaht 3 metres (10 feet)

Length 8 metres (26 feet

Weight 2,000 kilograms (2.2 tons,




For ages, palaeontologists wondered whether dinosaurs such as Hadrosaurus spent most of their time in water. They have paddle-like hands and tails well suited to propelling themselves through the water. Their remains are often found beside rivers. We now know that it spends its time feeding near riverbanks but actually lives on land. However, Hadrosaurus is capable of swimming, so it can disappear off across the water if a predator comes too near.

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