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Besides its very long neck, another contributing factor to the extreme height of Brachiosaurus is the fact that its front legs are considerably longer than its back ones. This gives Brachiosaurus an unusual upright stance and a marked advantage. As any giraffe knows, the youngest, juiciest shoots are often found at the top of a tree, and, if you're taller than anyone else, you're going to be the one who eats them.

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Family Brachiosauridae

Penod Late Jurassic Herght 16 metres (53 feet)

length 30 metres (99 4 Special features Extreme heigh,


Palaeontologists are puzzled how Brachiosaurus manages to walk around without fainting: with a head so far away from its body, getting blood to the brain must be really difficult. Does it have two hearts? Probably not, but this dinosaur must have an extremely powerful heart to get the blood all the way up there. Unfortunately, we just don't know for sure.


In North Africa, there is a predator that is most definitely at the top of the food chain. With a head as big as a person, and a mouth filled with teeth 20 centimetres (8 inches) long, when Carcharodontosaurus takes a bite, it's a big one!

Biggest ever?

Recent sightings of

Carcharodontosaurus have opened up an interesting debate - is this the biggest predator ever? Is it really bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex? The evidence seems to suggest it is actually longer, but it also looks as if it has a slighter build. So, taller but lighter? The debate rages on...

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