Deadly claw

Deinonychus derives its name from the huge claw on its second toe. The claw is so large that it would get in the way when Deinonychus walks, unless the dinosaur can keep it pulled back: retracted from the ground, like a cocked trigger on a gun. The claw is undoubtedly a fearsome weapon, but no one has got close enough to see precisely how it's used. Palaeontologists once presumed that Deinonychus would slash through the flesh of its unfortunate victim, but palaeontologists now believe the claw was used to stab at the victim's arteries and windpipe instead.

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How to say it die-NON-ee-k.k Terri4^

Where found USA

Height 1-5 metres (5 feet) ^gth 3 metres Oo feet?

e,ght 80 kilograms ml Food Meat dms (176 Pounds)

SPedal features Deadly claws


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