Colder climate

Cretaceous-period Australia was attached to Antarctica, so the climate there was very different to that of the present day. For the most part, the weather was cold and the days were dark. Leaellynasaura is adapted for those conditions - it has large eyes, which help it to see in gloomy light, for example.


Hot or cold debate

The discovery of Leaellynasaura reopened one of the oldest dinosaur debates - are they warm-blooded or cold-blooded? Present-day cold-blooded reptiles aren't well adapted to living in cold environments since they can't generate their own body heat. So Leaellynasaura can't be cold-blooded, but that doesn't mean that it is warm-blooded like mammals either - it may well be something in between. And not all dinosaurs are like Leaellynasaura; it may have just evolved differently.

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