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Most palaeontologists believe that the large meat-eating dinosaurs live and hunt alone. However, Albertosaurus might be the exception to the rule. The remains of nine Albertosaurus have been found together. What's more, the dinosaurs appear to be of different ages. Does Albertosaurus believe that the family that hunts together stays together? This means that the other tyrannosaurs might also live in family groups, but we just haven't seen any evidence of this yet.

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Meaning of name m.u

Family Tyrannosaundae

Period Late Cretaceous PWhere found North A^ Height 3.4 metres (11 feet)

Ungth 9 metres (30 feet

Weight 2,500 kilograms (2.8 tons,

^JS-es Pack hunter

Mistaken identity

A palaeontologist's job is never easy: there's now debate about exactly how many Albertosaurus have been found. Some albertosaurs may actually be a different dinosaur altogether - another branch of the tyrannosaur family called Gorgosaurus (GOR-go-SORE-us). What this proves is that the tyrannosaur family is a big one and they all have a strong family resemblance - powerful legs, short arms, a big head and scary teeth.

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