The Jurassic world is certainly a dangerous place to be. Another relative of that dangerous Allosaurus family is the Ceratosaurus - a big, sharp-toothed meat-eater that it is wise to stay well clear of.

Friends reunited

Ceratosaurus is a typical predator of the Jurassic period. It's big, walks on two powerful legs and has two smaller yet comparatively strong arms with four fingers on each. As a relative of Allosaurus, it may even hunt in packs, an idea that might recently have been proved by the discovery of a number of different Ceratosaurus footprints in the same area. Of course, those footprints might also be the prints of a number of lone dinosaurs attracted by one large sauropod corpse - or maybe they all just enjoy a big group hug!

Sauropod Dinosaur Timeline

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Bone head

An unusual feature of this dinosaur is the small, bony horn at the end of its nose. It is too small and blunt to be any use as a weapon, so clearly has no attacking or defensive purpose. Some palaeontologists believe that it may be used by the male Ceratosaurus to attract females to mate, in the same way that peacocks spread their tail feathers. But we can't prove this yet.

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Special features Horn on snout

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