An evolutionary history of the dinosaurs in brief

An interesting example of this type of systematic approach to the evolution of dinosaurs is represented by the work of Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago. Sereno has spent considerable time, over the past two decades, investigating the systematics and general evolutionary history of dinosaurs. Figure 28 summarizes this work and permits an all too brief overview.

Dinosauria are traditionally recognized (as Owen so perceptively saw) as reptiles with an upright leg posture and specially reinforced connections between the hips and vertebral column to facilitate the efficient carriage of the body on its pillar-like legs. These changes conferred upon early dinosaurs some highly valuable assets: r pillar-like legs could support great body weight very effectively | and dinosaurs could become very large creatures; and, pillar-like J'

legs allow a long stride, meaning that some dinosaurs could move e

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