Did mother dinosaurs sit on the eggs

Mother dinosaurs probably didn't put all their weight on their eggs. They may have gently rested on top of them to keep the eggs warm.

Scientists once believed that Oviraptor (oh-vee-RAP-tuhr), or "egg stealer," swiped the eggs of dinosaurs like Protoceratops (proh-toh-SAIR-uh-tops), or "first horned face." Then paleontologists made two discoveries: an egg containing an unborn Oviraptor where they expected to find Protoceratops eggs, and the fossil of an adult female Oviraptor on top of a nest of eggs. Now they think Oviraptor was not an egg-stealer, at all. It probably warmed its own eggs, just as birds do today.

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    Did dinosaurs sit on eggs?
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