Did all dinosaurs leave fossils

No. Millions of dinosaurs died on dry land. Their flesh and their bones rotted away. They are gone without a trace. And millions more were eaten by their enemies—bones and all. Nothing is left of these dinosaurs, either.


Which dinosaur fossil was found first?

Iguanodon (ih-GWA-nuh-duhn), or "iguana tooth." In 1821, Mary Ann Mantell was hunting fossils with her husband, Gideon, a British doctor. She found a huge fossil tooth. Her husband thought the tooth came from a giant iguana, which he named Iguanodon. Much later, scientists decided it was not an iguana at all. It was really the first dinosaur fossil ever found!

Where were most Iguanodon fossils found?

Europe. The biggest find dates back to 1878. Miners in Belgium, digging for coal deep beneath the ground, came upon hundreds of Iguanodon remains. When put together like giant jigsaw puzzles, the bones formed 40 skeletons. They told a lot about Iguanodon—amazing creatures that lived more than 100 million years ago.

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