Suborder Therocephalia

The Late Permian rocks of European Russia and southern Africa reveal the remains of advanced mammal-like reptiles, the therocephalians. Also known from eastern Asia and southern and eastern Africa, they survived until the middle of the Triassic.

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Prehistoric Animals Africa

name: Ericiolacerta time: Early Triassic locality: Africa (South Africa) size: 8 in/20 cm long

The abundant plant life — horsetails, ferns, conifers and early cycads — that supported the great populations of dicynodonts (above) also provided home and food for many insects and other invertebrates. These, in turn, were suitable prey for small therocephalians such as Ericiolacerta. This lizardlike creature was an active insectivore, judging from its small teeth and long, slim limbs.

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