Order Litopterna

Litopterns are mostly horselike and camel-like animals. Their teeth are generally simpler than those of ungulates elsewhere; their dentition remained more or less complete, and the gap (diastema) between front and cheek teeth was never as highly developed.

The legs and feet are sometimes strikingly like those of the perisso-dactyls (the odd-toed ungulates, such as horses, tapirs and rhinoceroses; see pp. 245-265). There is the same tendency to a reduction in the length of the upper limb and an elongation of the lower limb. The hoofed toes, too, are reduced to 3 or 1, with the weight of the body being carried on the third digit.

There are differences, though. The radius/ulna and tibia/fibula bones of the fore- and hindlimbs did not fuse, as they have done in the horse, and the ankle bones are less complex (their name means "simple ankles").

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