Dinosaur footprints from a new, late Tithonian locality near the village of Kirmenjak in western Istria, Croatia represent the oldest evidence to date of the presence of dinosaurs on the Adriatic-Dinaridic carbonate platform. Nearly 1000 single footprints and 23 trackways, most of which are oriented northeast, have been registered at the site. Footprints are shallow, oval or horseshoe shaped, lacking visible digit impressions, and are interpreted as belonging to sauropod dinosaurs. The numerous parallel trackways suggest that some of the individuals were moving together in herd. Trackways are narrow gauge; footprints are similar to the Para-brontopodus ichnogenus. The presence of large sauropod dinosaurs on the ADCP during the Late Jurassic could be explained by a connection with the African continent on the southern side. It also suggests that dinosaurs could have migrated onto the ADCP during phases when the platform was emerged.

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