Topic questions

1. What do the words regression, detritus, iridium anomaly, shocked quartz, microtek-tites, Chicxulub, ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, ammonites, mosasaurs, foraminifera, planktonic, and benthic refer to?

2. What are primary production and disaster faunas?

3. What is meant by nutrient cycling? Why is that important?

4. What is the K/T boundary? When was it?

5. What kinds of physical events took place at the K/T boundary?

6. Describe the biotic extinctions that took place at the K/T boundary.

7. Describe the studies that concluded that the dinosaurs died abruptly.

8. What is meant by "geologically abrupt" when speaking of the extinction of the dinosaurs?

9. Describe the kinds of physical events that might have occurred when the asteroid hit the Earth?

10. Choose four extinction hypotheses from Table 15.1 and evaluate them in terms of the criteria for a viable scientific theory.

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