Topic questions

1. What were the evolutionary steps from Archaeopteryx to Aves? What were the evolutionary steps from basal tetanurans to Archaeopteryx?

2. Why do we link all subsequent bird evolution through Archaeopteryx?

3. What are the features of the rigid trunk in Aves that are lacked by pre-Aves birds?

4. What characters suggest that considerable evolution occurred before the appearance of hesperornithiform birds?

5. What are the features of ichthyornithiform birds that indicate powerful, efficient flight?

6. Choose five characters that you can see on Mononykus. Which are advanced, which are primitive, and at what level in the cladogram are these characters diagnostic?

Endothermy, endemism, and extinction

Part IV

Dinosaur thermoregulation: some like it hot

Chapter objectives

■ Vertebrate metabolic strategies

■ Reconstruction of past metabolic strategies

■ Potential dinosaur metabolism(s)

■ Scientific inference in a historical science

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