Topic questions

1. What are meant by the terms endothermy, ectothermy, poikilothermy, and homeo-thermy?

2. What are remodeled bone, Haversian canals, LAGs, and respiratory turbinates?

3. Was a four-chambered heart evidence for endothermic dinosaurs? What was it used to support?

4. Give some anatomical evidence that dinosaurs were endothermic. Critique it.

5. What is a predator : prey biomass ratio? How were these used in assessing dinosaur metabolism?

6. Critique the predator : prey biomass ratios.

7. How would the distribution of animals on Earth have anything to do with their metabolisms? What kinds of strategies were available to dinosaurs for protection against long, cold winters?

8. What is 18O? What is meant by the statement that "Fossil vertebrates carry around their own paleothermometers?"

9. Why would comparison of core temperatures to those of the extremities be useful in determining whether an animal had an endothermic or an ectothermic metabolism?

10. How are rates of growth calibrated in fossil dinosaurs?

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  • uffo sandyman
    How is the predator/prey used ub assessung dinosuar metabolism?
    2 years ago

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