Diagnostic Of Thyreophora

1. What are the diagnostic characters of Thyreophora? How are thyreophorans related to other ornithischians?

2. What are the diagnostic characters of Stegosauria?

3. What are the diagnostic characters of Ankylosauria?

4. How do ankylosaurids differ from nodosaurids?

5. Describe the evidence for there being two brains in Stegosaurus. What is the prevailing view on this issue now?

6. Did ankylosaurs defend themselves passively, or could they actively defend themselves?

7. What are the apparent contradictions in the mouths of stegosaurs? That is, what features appear to be well designed for chewing and what features appear not to be so well designed for chewing?

8. Do ankylosaurs have the same apparent contradictions in their chewing mechanisms as stegosaurs? Elaborate.

9. What might the plates of Stegosaurus have been used for? Would this use apply to all stegosaurs? Why?

10. Do the small brains in stegosaurs appear to have hindered their evolutionary success? Why?

11. What is the evidence for intraspecific competition in stegosaurs?

12. What are some of the differences between ankylosaurid defense and nodosaurid defense?

13. Why do we think ankylosaurs likely ruminated?

14. Summarize what is known about herding behaviors in thyreophorans.

15. How does the interpretation of thermoregulation in stegosaurs correlate with their inferred activity levels?

16. What is known about sexual dimorphism in thyreophorans?

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    What are the diagnostic characters of Stegosauria?
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    What is known about the herding behaviors of thyreophorans?
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